New Meta Episode 25- U Mad Dog?

u mad dog2
Download: Tourney Recap 00:8:50 Reckoning Discussion 00:48:00

Hello everyone!

This is our longest episode yet, but to be fair if you don’t care about listening to game recaps then it is about the normal length. Super duper special guests Rick and Kyle join us after Lock and Load 2015. First half we all discuss our tournament games and experience in Lock and Load Masters. Second (and much funnier) half of the show is spent going through the Reckoning book Faction by Faction. Again I know it is a long episode so feel free to jump around with the time stamps below! As always thanks for listening and leave any feedback below or send it directly to

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Start-Intro/Announcements and Reckoning fluff talk.
00:08:50 Lock and Load Masters Recap Trent/Tony/Tanner.
00:48:15 Reckoning Discussion/Spoilers!
1:55:10 In the Arms of an Angel!