New Beginnings? Episode 1


Download – New Meta Podcast ep 29
So after much time away this will be our first step in a joint effort to expand our podcast and blog into a wider scope. This will be done with our good friends at the tough check podcast – While it may be a wait til everything is all together and a new space is picked we will still be trying to post casts between now and then. Without further ado we give you the schwifiest podcast in the Warmachine and Hordes community. (if you don’t know what “schwifty” is I recommend this informative PSA-

This cast Trent, Rick, Tony, and I talk about our experience at Gladiator Games in Salt Lake City, the new errata, and tips on how to grow as a player.

As always feel free to email or comment below. We will also have news in the future of our new found partnership and progress updates on the venture.