New Meta Podcast Episode 6- A Whole New World


This week Trent and I talk about our new factions and our recent experiences with Khador and Menoth. We also take a special look at the angriest ‘jack around Drago! We will be back… Continue reading

New Meta Episode 5 – Intermountain Cup


In episode 5 we break down our experience at this Fall’s Intermountain Cup in Ogden, UT

New Meta Episode 4 – Don’t Sell Out Your Faction!


In this episode on New Meta Trent and I take a break from the battle report to talk about a very serious P.S.A. We take a look at some trouble players can run… Continue reading

What direction should we go?


Hello guys/gals first off we want to thank all of our listeners who have taken the time to check out our new blog/podcast. We would like your input on what direction you would… Continue reading

New Meta Podcast Episode 3


New Meta Podcast Episode 3 50 PT GAME SKORNE VS LEGION OF EVERBLIGHT! Mikes List: Supreme Archdomina Makeda or eMakeda Bronzeback Titan Titan Gladiator Molik Karn 4 Centrati Catapharacts 10 Nihilators 6 Paingiver Beast Handlers Mortitheurge Willbreaker… Continue reading

New Meta Episode 2


Right Click and Open in New Tab -> New Meta Podacast Ep. 2 Ashlynn VS pCaine Deployment Turn 1 Turn 2 Turn 3 Turn 4 Turn 5 Final Turn

New Meta Episode 1


Right Click and Open another Tab->New Meta Podcast Ep. 1 Deployment Turn 1 Turn 2 Turn 3

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